Saturday, July 24, 2010

this is the cutest thing!

everything is soo true..may Allah make it easier for us ameen.

so i got this award from miss Bubbli. thank you. then i'm supposed to tag 10 people but sorry dear i don't have much time to do so. 

so there you go, the Sunshine blog award!

my blog, so my rules. I shall tell you what is my fav time of the day upon receiving this very award, and you shall do so InsyaAllah. do not leave my blog (LOL) without telling me what is your fav time of the day and why 

so my fav time of the day is..Morning! of course, who doesnt love the morning. sometimes i sleep in it, sometimes i watch tv and sometimes i read. i love mornings cos they are always so cheerful, not gloomy like the night, and i'm always at my best potential in the morning <--sounds like a scholarship holder hehe

so what of you?


here and there said...

ugh ure a morning person. :P
I love mornings too but Im never up in the morning. hehe.

qistina said...

trust me, i'm a seasonal morning person , really seasonal.. hehe

Fatimah said...

I wish I was a morning person, but I love my sleep too much :P My favourite time of day is the evening when the sun sets :)

qistina said...

I wish I love the late evening as much as you do.. I don't know what's my problem but I've always hated the evening, it's hot and when the sun's about to set, it gets really gloomy and eerie... Ahahaha sorry to spoil ur imagination of the evening.. Maybe it's just like that in Malaysia

RedBerries said...

I wish I could get up in the mornings...but seeing as I cannot (or will not), I am much better acquainted with the night, and therefore prefer its company :) xx

Amira said...

I like the evening around sunset. I don't know its calm, not as hot and the sky is beautiful.

BubbliMuslima said...

I love mornings tooo! Waking up for fajr), then getting my heart pumping w/ a workout at the gym! then coming home and have breakfast, watch tv/read blogs/sleep/watever... I also love watching the sun set but i usually miss it so mornings win :)

Muslimah said...

This is so true Subhan'Allah.

Thanks for it.

atika said...

nina,how come ko dpt kawan pelik yg komen blog ko
dri india la,ahaha
btw mende tuh mmg cute ah
(sorry comment not in english)haha
and btw ko kt terengganu eh?

qistina said...

everyone : sorry but morning wins! hehe

atika - cute gila kan bende tu? aku rasa cam nak lukis2 pulak hehe takpasal. this is the world wide web la weh..aku kt trg, kau dh balik malaysia belum?