Thursday, July 15, 2010

i tag M93 because she write no blog

Yayyyy I got my first award from Amira and Bubbli! I clearly don’t know the name of the award but clearly the picture says, ‘You’re going places, Baby.’ I don’t know what it means but Baby sounds nice so yeahh lol.

So I’m supposed to write what I (insyAllah) will do / doing / did in 10 years. So that means around 20 years of age. (no doubt, I’m 10)

So insyaAllah, in 10 years..

Have more knowledge on Islam and better/more active at doing da’wah

Married with an awesome/charming husband who have overflowing BEARD knowledge on Islam and practices it :)

Already a good daughter to my loving parents (mmuahhs), a good wifey to the above husband (yea the bearded man), a good sister and a good friend to everyone (except to those who think I’m uncool cos that just can’t be accepted rite?)

Performed Hajj!

Worked as a really good Muslim dentist and then stop to give a try on being a lecturer (can’t imagine dat tho)

Have at least a kid with an inspiring name like AbuBakr as-Siddiq or Umar Al-Khattab

Still have this blog going on cos I can’t imagine the blogosphere without me lmaoo

I’m supposed to give out this award to 10 other people but what if the other 23,589 followers that weren’t given the award feel bad? My name is Qistina and it means justice (or something like that) and because so, I shall not give it to anyone. (Hey you, yea you, if you're reading this, you kinda deserve this award actually, just don't tell others okay, cos I told them I wouldnt be giving it to any specific person but you're a special case and you know that. its like out little secret!)


BubbliMuslima said...

hey qisi y didnt u post bout the sunshine blog award? i mean post the pic/logo. i think thats the one i gave u.. anywho congrats on both!

muslimah93 said...

Lolll!!! You're suchhh a sweetieee mashallah!! I miss youu dudeeeeee!!! =D May Allah bless you with whatever is best for you in this world and the next. Ameen!!!!! =) Xoxoxoxoxoxo. =)

here and there said...


You're 10?


I never would have guessed! You write intelligently mashaAllah! And u're very mature for your age! Im still in shock!

Nah. No way you're 10.

Anonymous said...

Awww.. so am i suppossed to take the award? Cuz i read your post... ^o^

qistina said...

bubli - yea i forgot bout that, i made these posts a while ago so i just posted them without editing.. will make it when i have more time insyaAllah, plus i still cant find 10 friends lol i sound like a loner no im not

m93 - ameeen! i cant go online tooo long to chat anymore, suddenly got so much stuffs to do..but honestly, i miss you oooooh!

here n there - haha cant believe u fell for it..i'm a mature 45 trapped in a 19 body, thats how mature i am lmaoo

splendid sky - yea yea yea do it doooo ittt!

Little Auntie said...

Qistina, I was wondering what your name meant! I like that, ma'shaAllah.

Anyways, May Allah make you successful in all your 'goals' :)

qistina said...

thank you jzkk :))))

Anonymous said...

Good evening

Can I link to this post please?

qistina said...

this is quite a random post to be linked..for what yeah?