Wednesday, July 14, 2010

put OH as a title when you don't know what else to write

I was watching a movie, Antwone Fisher, about a navy with some weird problems that I failed to understand.So there was a scene that he was caught for fighting and then a psychiatrist navy dude came to talk to him about it. So the conversation went something like this (might not be precise, i was reading the subtitles cos tv was on mute cos mom's sleeping)..

'Tell me what happened'

'They teased me'

'What was it about?'

'Bout me and girls'


'They said i'm a virgin'

(with a really confused look on his face) 

'I don't know, probably'
(maybe he's a muslim then?)

'Don't you like girls?'

'Of course I like girls, I think bout dem all the time' (lol scaaaryy) 

'So have you ever been with any girls?'

'Yea when I was small, I was kissed. I hate it and I puked' 
(turned out he was sexually abused so that explains)

Later on he (Antwone) was telling the psychiatrist navy dude bout the abuse, bout how he had never been (he meant sexual intercourse) with any women in his life because of that, about how much he wants to do it but he just can't get someone pregnant do it. And then the psychiatrist was saying stuffs like 'you should really think about this problem'. So the problem that they were talking here was, Antwone haven't slept with any girls and that's a really serious matter! Then Antwone went nuts and halfly screamed;

'I'm already 25 and I am so ashamed (that I'm still a virgin)!' 

I was so confused when I watched this. I mean, What kind of mentality is this? Its Funny! 

Oh sadd, I was so busy typing this that the movie almost ended.So I can't tell you if his mind is still in that funny state.Okay now his soon-to-be girlfriend is hugging him and then he's smiling, and then they almost kissed (go Antwone, thats a start!)........... and then my mom switched off the tv. (yea suddenly she's awake) Thank you mama.
So i guess Antwone is normal now?

If that so, I don't wanna be normal, I'll stay a freak.


Falling Up said...

yeah it's weird. Fathers in the US walk in with their sons asking for condoms for their 14 year old sons. And this happens all over the place. Since when is it normal for kids to be having sex? And it sucks that being chaste is something to be ashamed of. go figure.

The end is near, the way I see it. Babies making babies. I could go on and on. But Ills top now. :)

O.O said...

great it very much.. i wanna stay freak too..

qistina said...

Falling Up (d nick is against science!)- babies making babies! lmao i almost fell off my offense to him, but the first thing that came to my mind was Justin Bieber lol

O.O - hahaha c'monn get your freak on! (^o^)<-- freaky face

BubbliMuslima said...

ya before getting homeschooled people were amazed i never dated or kissed a guy. and the other people try to hide it if they didnt, wats up w/ that?

I'll join the freak club too :)

jnana said...

I've watched this movie and I remember getting disgusted at that conversation. It's true how God says man can be lower than animals if they want to.

BubbliMuslima said...

gave u an award

here and there said...

It's sad how ignorant some people are. I have this friend of mine who was a devout Christian, would go to church all the time...and now a few years later, only God knows what she's been up to. I really feel sorry for people like this. Yet she still goes to Church on a weekly basis.

qistina said...

bubli - i dont understand those people, they love STD i guess

jnana - true say! yea and man can be worse than shaytan or better than angels..its all up to us aite. so may He guide us and make us stay on the right path ameen

here n there - yea i have some christian friends too. alhamdulillah some are nice but some are really bad but yet goin to church is a must. but yet again, we have similar muslims too :(

Anonymous said...

hehe.. thats so funny!

I know, us "the freaks" are so super amazing! I'm staying freaky too! Woohoo! Go freaks!!

qistina said...

F.R.E.A.K.S ruless~