Monday, August 29, 2011

A Letter to the Devli


No peace on you dear shaytan. But welcome, I know you’ve been tied up for quite a long time, and I hope you had a ‘blast’ back there. No, real blast, not that happy-birthday-havva-blast type of blast.

I just wanted to say that I am no longer the girl you knew, I’m welcoming you as a stronger person. You really should be nervous right now. I’ve prayed to Allah to make me strong to resist all your stupid calls and I am confident that He heard my du’a against you.

So what were you doing back there while I was enjoying my time without you? I did a lot, not so much but I’m quite happy with myself though. I made a lot of dua’s for you, so sweet eh? Are you in tears?

Anyways I’m giving you a heads up, you and your friends have to be really smart this time around. I’ve seen my other Muslim sisters and brothers pushing their very best last month, unleashing the soldier in them. I saw them as strong as they could’ve been all this while. Who would’ve thought that brother could stand for 20 rakaahs listening to the Imam, without understanding anything? Who could’ve thought that that sister could put on her hijab properly this time, for a whole month! Who could’ve thought that these brothers could complete their iktikaf? Shutting off from the world and to focus only on pleasing Allah, mashAllah that’s just amazing! I’m not kidding you shaytan, these people are amazing I’m warning you. They really, truly fasted.

I bet this Ramadan spirit is killing you already.

So maybe you have to come up with better tricks this time.

But don’t do the ghost thing, that’s really cheap. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

somalians are dying, but u dont have to stop eating.

Was shopping for Eid,
while fellow somalians are looking for something to eat,
which looks best? brown bag or the green dress?
while Hamza told wifey 'sorry hun, no food, tried my best'
'tell our son lets pray and hope for the best'
'maybe we can eat some leftovers, wasnt there bread?'
'if there was bread then Mulmillo wouldn't starve to death'

brothers and sisters,
i'm not saying switch of the AC, or give up the green dress,
cos some maybe really deserve the best,
but please donate and lend some help,
just a dollar or two, maybe a grand if you have a big pocket,
cos Asad is dying all he need is some bread, (and doctors of course)
but don't donate bread, donate money..

i fasted, and shared at least a piece of their emotion,
but not to the point that there's no food on the table,
or watch your son starving, no energy he can't even tremble,
or watch the husband feed all he has to his wife,
'let me starve and die, at least she can survive'
if we chip in some donations,
then maybe we can better their conditions,
only 7 dollars can save a child from malnutrition,
so if you have a soul, lets rock the donations!

muslims or non-muslims,
let's promote peace,
and provide ease for those in need,
i will not let you wonder what to do after reading this awesome piece,
here's what you can do to feed those in need :

for those in Malaysia, you can click here :
or if you can't click cos internet's slow, then maybe you should change to streamyx, or pay your bills..
no seriously, here's the account number where you can bank in the money..
CIMB 1259 0000 804 058
MBB 5621 4270 8704

for those outside Malaysia : (i love the accent so here's a UK link)

for those who doesn't know how to donate online,
like i was when i was like nine,
or just hate the online stuffs,
then you can gimme the money,
and let me send it online..
so if you come to my house,
or see me on the street wandering around,
say 'salam, please give this to somalia'
and ask me to go home,
really shouldn't be wandering around on the street like that.

this piece is not just about rhymes,
it's about spreading a message..WITH STYLE!

if you like this, please donate :)
if you hate this, please donate more, then donate , and donate, and donate,
and quit the hate..
but don't love too much,
nor eat too much rice.
that wasn't related.

sincerely, still WITH STYLE,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Du'a when praised

Hamdulillah i've been subscribing to Sheikh Navaid Aziz's videos, where he will send you email on his latest video, the website is MySpritualFix. (it has almost come to its end so I have no idea how will it benefit you lol). But from here you can like his facebook insyAllah, where he has the list of the videos. So one of the videos that I personally find interesting and very helpful, is this one. Its only a couple of minutes, come on! Don't be lazy and watch, please.....

So here's the dua you say when someone praises you, because obviously people praise you for the goods they see in you but wallahi they have no idea bout the dirts and the sins we commited, so insyAllah say, 

اللهم لا تؤاخذني بما يقولون ،واجعلني خيرا مما يظنون, واغفر لي ما لا يعلمون 

"Oh Allah do not call me to account for what they say, make me better than they imagine, and forgive me for what they have no knowledge of."

I'd love to quote an Ustadz from Indonesia whom I favor a lot for his humbleness and endless inspiring words mashAllah, 'We're only praised and appreciated because Allah does not disclose of our secret sins, so do not feel respectable by being respected by others, instead we should feel ashamed of it.' wohh bad translation i guess.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

insyAllah shed some tears

The crying of the Prophet (may peace be upon him)
He would cry out of fear for Allah s.w.t,
He would cry when a loved one had died,
He would cry because out of fear for his ummah, for his nation (that’s you and Qistina btw),
He would cry because of the Hellfire and its terrible punishments!

How often do we cry in our prayers?
How often do we cry when we recite the Quran?
When was the last time you cried out of the fear of Allah?
And we have sins like the mountain tops :(
Sins which is more vast than the oceans
Yet we rarely cry!

(Crying increases humility and humbleness)

When was the last time that you cried?
Crying, out of the fear of Allah, because you have so many sins,
Crying, out of hope for the mercy of Allah, 
This is itself ibadah, an act of worship,
And a person is rewarded for it :)

On the day of judgement, the day where the sun will come so close to them, the heat is extreme that some will drown in his own sweat. It’s the day where there is no shade except the shade of Allah.

And only 7 types of people will receive Allah’s of them is:

A man who remembers Allah in seclusion, alone when no one can see him, he remembers his sins, he fears Allah, and then he began to shed tears.

By Allah, a man would not be touched by the Fire, if he cries out of the fear of Allah! MashAllah!

The Prophet, our beloved, sallalahu alahi wassalam..
He would cry in his prayers,
He would cry reciting the Quran,
He would cry when the Quran is recited to him.
He would often cry when he remembered Paradise and the Fire.
He would cry in his du’a.
He would cry, asking for forgiveness.
He would cry when giving da’wah to the people, out of the love for his ummah.

Our hearts has become so hard, that even if someone was to tell us about all of the torments and punishments of the Fire, we consider it something, which is normal, we just pass by it. We continue like nothing has changed, it didn’t have any impact in our hearts. (audhubillah)

With all of our sins, all the wrongs that we did, all the sins we committed by day and by night, and we cant shed a single tear out of the fear of Allah?

We can’t shed even a single tear in our prayers, when reciting the Quran?
The Prophet s.a.w used to cry, until the ground around him become wet! SubhanAllah!

"Oh Allah, my ummah, my ummah, did You not promise me that You would not punish them so long as I’m amongst them? Did You not promise me that You would not punish my ummah so long as they seek forgiveness from You?" 
Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam

The Prophet s.a.w would not just cry all the time to the extent that would make him depressed, and neither he would just laugh and smile that he would never be able to shed tears and would never have the fear of Allah.

He would balance between the two.
To know when to cry, when to smile, when to laugh..

Khutba by Shaykh Ahsan Hanif - When the Prophet s.a.w cried

(Ya know if I’m given the robot hand I’ll type out every single thing the Shaykh said. These are just some important and interesting points. And I really am not bothered to change any single sentences as to make this post seemed somewhat 'well written')

Like Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan said it ‘so the words of Allah is not enough to shake you anymore?’ regarding the Quran.

So yeah I’m bakkkk!

Monday, October 4, 2010

ana maliziyyah, and egypt is a lotta fun alhamdulillah

Professor : So when we burn sojum, it becomes yellow. Why? Because sojum...

Student : Excuse me professor, but what is sojum?

Professor : You dont know sojum?  General formula, Na. Spell, S.O.D.I.U.M.

Student : Oh, Sodium!

Professor : Oh is that what you call sojum in Malizia? In here, we call it sojum.

I welcome me to Egypt, the very land of Moses (may peace be upon him). Ahlan wasahlan. Imma go eat some round-shaped bread and shawerma and say ya'ni in almost every sentence :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

for the name's sake

So I was reading the Quran after Asr, not because I have nothing else to do, but because it’s a nice thing to do :)

I was reading the 49th surah, al-Hujurat. Before I read a certain page in the quran, I will read the translation of the whole page first, then only I will read the Arabic verse. Because? Because it takes a loooot of time to read the meaning of verse 1, then recite it in Arabic, then read the meaning of verse 2, then recite it in Arabic. It’s a tiring process. So I read the translation of for example, a whole page 516, then only will I recite the whole page in Arabic.

I came to a conclusion that the paragraph above is unnecessary. Eh, sorry.

So I was reciting the 9th verse, and came across the word yuhibbu which means love. So I was kinda curious, oh, who is it that Allah loves?  Yes I read the meaning of the whole page, but obviously I forgot who was/were referred to in this particular verse? So I checked and it says, For Allah loves those who are fair (and just). Go back to the Arabic, which reads, InnAllaha yuhibbul muqsiteen. Now, I am crappy at Arabic but as far as I know, muqsiteen is derived from the root word qistina.

SubhanAllah, my name is in the Quran. 

(Go check it out, Al-Hujurat surah 49, verse 9)