Sunday, July 18, 2010

rant and rave

i felt a HUGE pain in/on/around my head.

"Ahh! Oh God, (sorry i'm not complaining but) i hate headache"

The pain was so sudden, so i thought "this is weird.."

Then it became severe.

But I was pretty sure I don't have migraines.

Then I found out that I was actually leaning my head towards a paperbox, so the edge of the paperbox was kinda like poking thru my head. So yeah that explains.

That explains that I have nothing to blog about. I do have 1 award to be posted though but I'm looking for friends to tag it to. Please you, be my friend :)

so there you can see my initial its the biggest one NINA
ahh college was SO MUCH FUN we had pizza delivered during class



AlabasterMuslim said...

lol! The head ache was funny haha.
My nick name is neena :)

Holy Crackers said...

i came across your blog and thought, the background! mA

and your blog is hiGH-Larious babe.

keep on blogging


qistina said...

alabaster muslim - i read about a research, it said that people with the name/nickname nina or whatever spelling else, are awesome i'm convinced :)

holy crackers! - thank uuu! lmao at high-larious! thats cool..u made that up?

here and there said...

ohh so you ARE 19!


First it was 10.

Then 45.

Stop confusing me woman! :P

Falling Up said...

hahaha Awww well I hope the "headache" doesn't come back bc that would be even more weird.

I dont have anything to blog about, either. WHAT SHOULD WE DO!?

qistina said...

Here n there - can't believe u bought those lol lol lol :p. Falling up - I say, more blogstalking ang headblogging ...hloggggg!!!