Sunday, June 20, 2010


I'm now in a car. Trying really hard to do dhikr instead of singing along to Akon. Mann his song is sooo addictive..oh Afrikaaaaa lol. It is hard to quit music when everyone around you are enjoying it. Oh no lemme get it right. It is hard to quit GOOD music..crappy musics are so easy to get rid of, they're like people that you can't stand but you can't do nothing about it because they keep coming around. You get me? And good music is like a bestfriend, who turned out to be a friggin backstabber, so you hate her now, but you still miss those wonderful moments. Ahh what a nice metaphore. Back to the topic. Yeah, its hard to quit good music when everyone around you are enjoying it.

May Allah make it easy for me, and for you too, in anything you do.

I'm not here to brag about me quitting music, about this small jihad. But i hope I at least can inspire others who haven't quit music to start leaving it behind. Yes it is hard, just pray to Allah that He will count everything we do to be closer to Him, to do whatever He say we have to. Be patient and trust Allah, trust that He will help those who ask for Him.

When My servants ask thee concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them): I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calleth on Me: Let them also, with a will, listen to My call, and believe in Me: that they may walk in the right way. Al-Baqarah (2:186)

I was told that perseverance and patience will always be rewarded by Allah. Alhamdulillah. I always forgot how Most Giving He is, or the fact that He is Most Merciful.

For all the sins I've done today, but not a single thing He took from me. Not a single hardship He put on me. Instead I am still here, enjoying more and more and more blessings from Him. What a weird way of repaying my sins! How can I not love Him? How can I not be thankful?

Imagine if He ain't merciful. If for every sin you do, one thing will be taken away? Maybe a finger cut, maybe a leg amputated right away. But no! He is the Most Merciful! So where is my Alhamdulillah? Are my deeds enough to repay whatever He gave me?

Oh was I talking about music, then about being thankful? Off-tracked. Off-tracked.

Maybe not really off-tracked. For all that He had and will give me, so why not I make a little bit of sacrifice to quit enjoying a dot of worldly entertainment in order to please Him?

Oh all these blessings...
Oh Allah, You are just Great! Thank You! Alhamdulillah!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

the small deeds, the small sins

All the small things that we thought its nothing

We as humans, often take the small things for granted. Like when that little part of the hand exposed whenever the loose sleeves move about. No matter how small we thought it is, its still awrah. So many women in the Jahannam, when actually it’s the guys that have more responsibilities, maybe it’s the awrah that they thought was nothing. Wallahua’lam. Everything will be held accountable, even the small things. This, we always forget.

Or those times when we skipped saying ‘peace be upon him’ whenever Muhammad was mentioned. Where have our loves for him has gone? Where’s the respect? This man who cried out for us when he was dying. This man who cared so much for us, misses us, though we haven’t even met yet. This man who’s willing to do anything just to bring us closer to jannah. This man we’ve never met.


Or that habit of delaying the call of prayer. We say ‘its ok to pray later, at least I’m praying’. I hate to see me stuck to my laptop when the adhan finishes. I hate to see others stuck to their asses when the adhan finishes. Or sleep just minutes before the adhan. How fast do we react to phone calls compared to God’s calls? We thought its just a small thing, not much of a big deal. But maybe its these things we thought small and harmless that might be the ones that’ll brings us closer to the Jahannam. And even further away from Jannah.

I want to write some more but I’m soooo stuck right now. So I’ll just leave you with some awesome lyrics by Native Deen.

Ever been on a drive? Inside in your ride
And your looking through the glass, see a car on the side
The engine's broken and the car is smoking
And the dude is shaking cause the heat is baking
Or this cat's (guy) gotta flat, and the spare's all whack
No jack in the back, and no clue where he's at
There ain't no real rush, but you roll right by
Not even asking the guy if he needs a supply
He might be alright, and to pass ain't a sin
But within you feel bad the state that he's in
How hard would it been, just to ask “you ok”?
That might be the deed that you need to succeed
That might be the deed that will so please Allah
That your forgiven the sinning you did when you was living
It's a small little thing, that can cling and just ring
And will bring the blessing from Allah Who's the King
We pass on the deeds cause they seem all small
But it might be the deed that's the best of them all
Mad when see all the passes I took
On these small little deeds I just overlook

I just can't believe
Small little deeds that I overlook, can you see?
Little deeds that I overlook, and you read
I read about it in my holy book, it says
Small deeds never overlook

Picking up trash on the path in a flash
Taking glass from the grass, as you pass to your class
A smile goes a mile and is sure worthwhile
When a brother's hostile, and has been for awhile
Put a dollar every day in the sadaqah (charity)
It may be small but you do it for the baraka (blessing)
I know you're saving for the Polo and the Nautica
A poor student but you do it just to please Allah
Things like praying for an ailing brother, under the weather
Obeying yo your lovely mother, it's for the better
Stay and help your baby brother, put on a sweater
Even saying good to one another when you're together
Advice to another sister about a mister
Your wife always go and kiss her, tell her you miss her
At night do quiet dikhr (mentioning God), and pray the witr
Invite a guy who wants to bicker, to share a snicker
Grand plans expand in our small little hands
But we overlook demands that just seem like strands
We get jammed on exams, cause we skip the small things
Small baby deeds come, bring the blessings!

oh i just LOVE typing