Saturday, July 24, 2010

this is the cutest thing!

everything is soo true..may Allah make it easier for us ameen.

so i got this award from miss Bubbli. thank you. then i'm supposed to tag 10 people but sorry dear i don't have much time to do so. 

so there you go, the Sunshine blog award!

my blog, so my rules. I shall tell you what is my fav time of the day upon receiving this very award, and you shall do so InsyaAllah. do not leave my blog (LOL) without telling me what is your fav time of the day and why 

so my fav time of the day is..Morning! of course, who doesnt love the morning. sometimes i sleep in it, sometimes i watch tv and sometimes i read. i love mornings cos they are always so cheerful, not gloomy like the night, and i'm always at my best potential in the morning <--sounds like a scholarship holder hehe

so what of you?

Friday, July 23, 2010

what a waste of time

So, a crappy malaysian tv channel has a love survey kinda thing going on. Its the thing where you text them (the tv people) your name and your lover's name. Then your name will come out on tv with the percentage of your love. I dont really know what the percentage presents, but i think its like the 'level of love' looooool thats the dorkiest thing on human land. Some couple get a 33 and some get as high as 90 (yayyyy an A+ in a relationship!) . And then beside that percentage thing is a column for advice. For example, the couple's name are Jeffrey and Lyn. Then the advice will be like, ''The main cause of the problems in this relationship is jeffrey's jealousy. So jeffrey you need to cool down a bit'' So much for a 50cents advice on tv. Jeffrey might be the nicest guy on earth and it might even turn out that Lyn is the biggest jealous freak ever lol i'm just generalizing normal relationships. I kinda think the (most probably) woman that wrote the advices is not even married yet, probably worse, don't even have a boyfriend. Its kinda fun, you know, reading the advices!

Then funny names will pop out, (this is the funnest part, reading names) like James and Adam. Lmaooooooo! Gays on TV! Gays on TV! Then there's, Vampire and Iblees (shayyytan). Dang they scored some pretty high percentage. Yeah I always thought these two had it going on. You go, creatures!

one more advice - If you have a problem for Ene as a person, talk to her face to face and solve the problem. (OMG i cant believe it! Ene is an alien??)

So people don't waste too much time on stuffs like this. There are like sooo many things else goin on in this world!

001 By (the Token of) Time (through the ages),
002 Verily Man is in loss,
003 Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy
Al-Asr (103)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

rant and rave

i felt a HUGE pain in/on/around my head.

"Ahh! Oh God, (sorry i'm not complaining but) i hate headache"

The pain was so sudden, so i thought "this is weird.."

Then it became severe.

But I was pretty sure I don't have migraines.

Then I found out that I was actually leaning my head towards a paperbox, so the edge of the paperbox was kinda like poking thru my head. So yeah that explains.

That explains that I have nothing to blog about. I do have 1 award to be posted though but I'm looking for friends to tag it to. Please you, be my friend :)

so there you can see my initial its the biggest one NINA
ahh college was SO MUCH FUN we had pizza delivered during class


Thursday, July 15, 2010

important random stuffs

1.    I have a soft toy that I REALLY love; it’s a dog, Boo. And can you please tell me if it is a big matter that I have a dog as my teddy bear. As far as I understand, we are not allowed to touch the saliva of a dog, so obviously my teddy does not have a saliva, and until God made him have a saliva, I will keep on hugging and crushing him. I even thought of taking this to Egypt but one of my friend asked, “Wouldn’t 
the strict Muslims be offended? It is obviously a DOG!” lol

2.     I can’t stop blogging (my Mac is convincing me to use bogging, logging, flogging, clogging, and slogging instead of blogging. I have a brain you machine!!)  in my head, like literally blog to myself in my head. Can we call it HeadBlogging? Hlog? Blead?And NONE of these posts in my head has ever end up in my blog. These posts are like Microsoft-word proof. Once you try to write dem down, they vanish themselves! This blogging in my head thing keeps me awake at night, which I really dislike. And I think if my mind can be put on loudspeaker, I may sound like a total desperate loner! Talking to myself non-stop, expressing feelings again and again about how I think some boring conversations are funny, or those boring people are actually a lotta fun!

3.     I have 1 and a half sneakers. And I have to stop wearing them with my abaya and galabeyya.

no worries folks, i stopped completely...and got meself new shoess!

4.     I LOVE iftar moments and I eat the most during sahoor.

5.     My favourite movie is The Book of Eli..woooo it’s simply awesome.


6.     Sleeping is MY thing. Ahhh all the time wasted! In the car. In the class. In the fridge. While eating, walking, standing (no I’m serious), swimming. I even sleep when I’m sleeping!

7.   I have an *cough* awesome *cough* twin. I mean, she’s awesome because she was infected by me, you really think she was born with awesomeness? Pffffft!! That’s like against the law of humanity..

8.     I still believe that an 8 is a 0 with a belt.

9.     I’m a hopeless romantic too..

10. I’m a Muslim, Alhamdulillah!

Ok now I wanna let you know that I’m not being all self-obsessed by posting these boring facts about me, I was tagged by few other sweet bloggers (please join me in this quest of not trying to sound like a lonely blogger) trillion years ago, but I was hibernating so didn’t have the time to post it. And by trillion years ago I meant a month ago..teehee. So I think I was tagged by Amira, Bubbli, and Here n There ß (I’m not sure if Here n There tagged me but if she doesn’t then I’m so embarrassed right now) (^,^)

i tag M93 because she write no blog

Yayyyy I got my first award from Amira and Bubbli! I clearly don’t know the name of the award but clearly the picture says, ‘You’re going places, Baby.’ I don’t know what it means but Baby sounds nice so yeahh lol.

So I’m supposed to write what I (insyAllah) will do / doing / did in 10 years. So that means around 20 years of age. (no doubt, I’m 10)

So insyaAllah, in 10 years..

Have more knowledge on Islam and better/more active at doing da’wah

Married with an awesome/charming husband who have overflowing BEARD knowledge on Islam and practices it :)

Already a good daughter to my loving parents (mmuahhs), a good wifey to the above husband (yea the bearded man), a good sister and a good friend to everyone (except to those who think I’m uncool cos that just can’t be accepted rite?)

Performed Hajj!

Worked as a really good Muslim dentist and then stop to give a try on being a lecturer (can’t imagine dat tho)

Have at least a kid with an inspiring name like AbuBakr as-Siddiq or Umar Al-Khattab

Still have this blog going on cos I can’t imagine the blogosphere without me lmaoo

I’m supposed to give out this award to 10 other people but what if the other 23,589 followers that weren’t given the award feel bad? My name is Qistina and it means justice (or something like that) and because so, I shall not give it to anyone. (Hey you, yea you, if you're reading this, you kinda deserve this award actually, just don't tell others okay, cos I told them I wouldnt be giving it to any specific person but you're a special case and you know that. its like out little secret!)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

put OH as a title when you don't know what else to write

I was watching a movie, Antwone Fisher, about a navy with some weird problems that I failed to understand.So there was a scene that he was caught for fighting and then a psychiatrist navy dude came to talk to him about it. So the conversation went something like this (might not be precise, i was reading the subtitles cos tv was on mute cos mom's sleeping)..

'Tell me what happened'

'They teased me'

'What was it about?'

'Bout me and girls'


'They said i'm a virgin'

(with a really confused look on his face) 

'I don't know, probably'
(maybe he's a muslim then?)

'Don't you like girls?'

'Of course I like girls, I think bout dem all the time' (lol scaaaryy) 

'So have you ever been with any girls?'

'Yea when I was small, I was kissed. I hate it and I puked' 
(turned out he was sexually abused so that explains)

Later on he (Antwone) was telling the psychiatrist navy dude bout the abuse, bout how he had never been (he meant sexual intercourse) with any women in his life because of that, about how much he wants to do it but he just can't get someone pregnant do it. And then the psychiatrist was saying stuffs like 'you should really think about this problem'. So the problem that they were talking here was, Antwone haven't slept with any girls and that's a really serious matter! Then Antwone went nuts and halfly screamed;

'I'm already 25 and I am so ashamed (that I'm still a virgin)!' 

I was so confused when I watched this. I mean, What kind of mentality is this? Its Funny! 

Oh sadd, I was so busy typing this that the movie almost ended.So I can't tell you if his mind is still in that funny state.Okay now his soon-to-be girlfriend is hugging him and then he's smiling, and then they almost kissed (go Antwone, thats a start!)........... and then my mom switched off the tv. (yea suddenly she's awake) Thank you mama.
So i guess Antwone is normal now?

If that so, I don't wanna be normal, I'll stay a freak.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

sorry sorry

there's something wrong with my comment box. all the comments approved were not shown, maybe a blogger problem that i dont know of.

can someone tell me whats wrong with the comment thingy? it'll be much appreciated :D

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Who is this Kerry Hilton person?

Hillariouism/hillariousness/hillariouny starts around 1:01

Guy 1 : He said that hmmm..that he’s gonna text me,..mmm say if..cos he said that he wants to come, but he said that mmmm he’s gonna end up goin watchin Kerry (I swear it sounded like curry) Hilson or sumthin..
Mutah Napoleon : Who is this Kerry HilTon person? ß(LMAO!)
Guy 2 : Who is that? Who is it?
Guy 1 : Do ye know about the song with Kanye West and Ne-Yo Knocks You Down?
Guy 2 : Ahahaha I don’t listen to music bro..
Mutah Napoleon : ahahahaha (in a weird tone)
Guy 2 : Fortunately or unfortunately, I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about..but I know Tupac!





(laughing out out out out out out out out out loud?)

I’m really sorry if you don’t think this is funny, cos I’m not sure if everyone will get the joke as supposedly as you’re supposed to ß maybe you can tell that I’m a bit confused here :p

But it just amazes me that
1.     1)Mutah and the other dude doesn’t listen to music AT ALL!
2.     2)Who is this Kerry Hilton person?
3.     3)…but I know Tupac!

But I know Kerry Hilson, I’m so not cool :(

That video doesn’t have much, but this one here offers awesome reminders. May Allah bless you Mutah and may Allah bless us all. Ameen.

"Who in their right mind and i'm speaking to myself first, will take the chance to lose Heaven for temporary desire that you're gettin in this life? Everything that Allah orders us to do, is only for a temporary time. When a person gets high, he will only be high for a little bit.....when a person commits fornication with a woman, it will go away in seconds. But the next life is forever. So in our right mind, will we give up the next life for something temporary in this life? NO! Anybody with their right mind will say no i'm gonna stick to my religion, i'm gonna follow this religion because I have a chance to die in, and get to the next life and enjoy in Jannah forever. Paradise. "

"We have a beautiful way of life, and we have a Merciful Lord"

"I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me." Ad-Dhariyaat (51:56)

"Allah said; 'I only asked you to worship Me alone'. This is all Allah asked from us, is that hard? Is it hard worshipping our Creator alone? Keep worshipping your Lord, no matter how hard it get, keep making your salat, whatever sin you do, go back and do tawbah. Don't never feel like its too late, and always remember that Allah is Merciful."

" I won't say I was a gangsta, I was just a dude that was caught up in the wrong place"

"Most people think that becoming a muslim, your life gets boring..cmon mann, its so much stuff you can do as a muslim, maybe even more, Islam is a way of life, it doesn't tell you to become a muslim and live in the mountain and don't do anything, you know"

Someone please tell me that you understand the Kerry HilTon joke :D

Thursday, July 1, 2010

OMG i have no idea

Suppose you learn tonight, that tomorrow is your last day, in other words, after tomorrow, you will die..

What would you do?

Where would you go?

What would you eat?

What would you drink?

Who would you see?

Who would you talk to?

What would your thoughts be?

What would your liking be on that day?

What would your actions be on the Last Day on the face of this Earth?

It makes you think, it makes you wonder.

Sheikh Feiz

Muslim Belal - Judgement Day (poem starts at 0:49)