Tuesday, July 6, 2010

sorry sorry

there's something wrong with my comment box. all the comments approved were not shown, maybe a blogger problem that i dont know of.

can someone tell me whats wrong with the comment thingy? it'll be much appreciated :D


jnana said...

I'm not sure this is it, but I had a problem with comments earlier, and it fixed itself when I changed the settings to posting comments in a new window rather than embedded under the blogpost.

qistina said...

thanks jnana! alhamdulillah it worked!

though still the comments for the post below are not showing, but other posts hv no problem..maybe dat post below got jinxed. lol dont know why i said that

thanks :D

here and there said...

you know what. it's happening to my blog too. It says "8 comments" but I can only read 5. waaaaaaatzzzz? *sigh*