Thursday, July 15, 2010

important random stuffs

1.    I have a soft toy that I REALLY love; it’s a dog, Boo. And can you please tell me if it is a big matter that I have a dog as my teddy bear. As far as I understand, we are not allowed to touch the saliva of a dog, so obviously my teddy does not have a saliva, and until God made him have a saliva, I will keep on hugging and crushing him. I even thought of taking this to Egypt but one of my friend asked, “Wouldn’t 
the strict Muslims be offended? It is obviously a DOG!” lol

2.     I can’t stop blogging (my Mac is convincing me to use bogging, logging, flogging, clogging, and slogging instead of blogging. I have a brain you machine!!)  in my head, like literally blog to myself in my head. Can we call it HeadBlogging? Hlog? Blead?And NONE of these posts in my head has ever end up in my blog. These posts are like Microsoft-word proof. Once you try to write dem down, they vanish themselves! This blogging in my head thing keeps me awake at night, which I really dislike. And I think if my mind can be put on loudspeaker, I may sound like a total desperate loner! Talking to myself non-stop, expressing feelings again and again about how I think some boring conversations are funny, or those boring people are actually a lotta fun!

3.     I have 1 and a half sneakers. And I have to stop wearing them with my abaya and galabeyya.

no worries folks, i stopped completely...and got meself new shoess!

4.     I LOVE iftar moments and I eat the most during sahoor.

5.     My favourite movie is The Book of Eli..woooo it’s simply awesome.


6.     Sleeping is MY thing. Ahhh all the time wasted! In the car. In the class. In the fridge. While eating, walking, standing (no I’m serious), swimming. I even sleep when I’m sleeping!

7.   I have an *cough* awesome *cough* twin. I mean, she’s awesome because she was infected by me, you really think she was born with awesomeness? Pffffft!! That’s like against the law of humanity..

8.     I still believe that an 8 is a 0 with a belt.

9.     I’m a hopeless romantic too..

10. I’m a Muslim, Alhamdulillah!

Ok now I wanna let you know that I’m not being all self-obsessed by posting these boring facts about me, I was tagged by few other sweet bloggers (please join me in this quest of not trying to sound like a lonely blogger) trillion years ago, but I was hibernating so didn’t have the time to post it. And by trillion years ago I meant a month ago..teehee. So I think I was tagged by Amira, Bubbli, and Here n There ß (I’m not sure if Here n There tagged me but if she doesn’t then I’m so embarrassed right now) (^,^)


-FL- said...

Nr.2 That is so mee! It happens all the time and yeah we should call it headblogging.
Btw sis are you from England?

qistina said...

okayy so oxford will be needing a new dictionary.

nahh from malaysia!!!

Falling Up said...

I have so many posts in my head but when I sit in front of the computer nothing comes out. Oh well. 8 is a 0 with a belt? cute i never thought of it that way lol.

Iftar is my favorite. I skip suhoor. I just have water. eating in the morning makes me ravenous by noon.

here and there said...

hahhaa omg I blog in my head too! All the time. I have so much I want to say but when it actually comes down to typing it, it all goes away and doesnt sound as good as it did in my head. I hate it when that happens! Once I thought if there was a machine that could write down all my thoughts so that I dont have to type it myself hehe.

btw, I did one of these a while back but I didnt tag anyone - I never do. So dont feel embarassed! :) Im glad u did it ;D

Anonymous said...

I like Hlog!
and it do it too. All the time. hehe

Aww.. i really like your cute doggie!
hehe funny i ahd the same dog-soft-toy dilemma. But i think it's totally cool and alright to have a doggie soft toy!

LOL @ 8! I mean 0 with a belt ;)

Ps- You have a really cutee blog mashallah!

qistina said...

falling up - lol i looked up ravenous in the dictionary! wow thats weird cos obviously suhoor is to make u less hungry aite. iftar is my second fav because sometimes i eat wayyy tooo much and then belly goes whooooop so BIG!!

here n there- yeah they sounded sooo good in ur head , like u can have the bestest blog everrr~

splendid sky - yes HLOG is cooolest haha. okay so now i think its okay to keep the fake dog..thank you!

what did 0 say to 8?
nice belt :)

Little Auntie said...

what a cute little list!! Hey, we're both twins, isn't that awesome? (My twin, inshaAllah will be writing advice too in my blog- but she won't let me add her as a partner...she wants to be an invisible partner, lol.)

Anyways, the one and a half shoes....OMG, loved that! LOL!!

LOL at those thoughts being microsoft word proof!

8 as a 0 with a belt is the CUTEST thing ever!

Ma'shaAllah, qistina, loved the list :)

qistina said...

cooool we the twins :)

Anonymous said...

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