Thursday, December 31, 2009

i was bored

what an ugly 'S'?
i heard you.

Happy my-goal-is-bla-bla-bla Day!

i am a *little* annoyed that everyone kept telling out whats their goal for the year 2010.
i'll be a better student, i'll save more money, i'll sin less....bla bla bla.
i'll sin less?? seriously? i think a better goal will be i'll avoid sinning.
i'll sin les just means: i'll still sin, but maybe a smaller sin.
attention : small sins will 'accumulate' and make up a big sin. there you go!

the very first thing that annoy me is/was, people just tend to forget about their goals after maybe a week!
if you don't trust me, in this coming mid-February, ask your friend what was her goal for 2010. maybe she'll make out any random goal, or say something like 'oh, did I really have a goal?', or something like 'pssshhh, screw the goal! its just for the new year eve'..

maybe i exagerrated a bit.

but i'm just teling you my view on what people do on New Year's eve. they make out a goal, and forget it.

in my opinion, we shouldnt wait for New Years eve to aim ourselves to be a better person.
why wait when you can change NOW?

for example, Harry Potter is a loser-wizard. then around early December, he made a goal : my goal for the new year is to be a better wizard and kill Voldemort! but then after a week he got  a chance to kill Voldemort, but he couldnt. why? simply because his aim is to kill Voldemort the next year. then he died around mid-December as a loser. again, simply because he had to wait for New Year to change to be a better wizard. if only he is smarter, he would have changed the moment he made out the goal and just be a better wizard. why wait for a big event to do something big which you can do everyday? i know this is such an absurd example and i'm being LAME, but you got what i'm trying to say aite?

changing to the better is not about time, its about you.

on some major random note, tomorrow is my mom's birthday!

 i would rather be celebrating her birthday all day long than asking people 'whats your goal mate?'

Thursday, December 24, 2009

just realized that spongebob is yellow, so is he a malay??

i thank god that we've moved on from black and white TVs, (imagine spongebob in black!)
to coloured TVs..

but now,

BLACK and WHITE minds?

the technology is growing at the speed of light,
but the minds of some people havent even get the light..

black-and-white-only is boring..and boredom kills..
and by this, i say, black and white minds kill civilizations!

proud to announce, i'm civilized.

he might be yellow, but who cares?

few days ago i watched a debate by fellow Christians on 'was Jesus aka prophet Isa (peace be on him) a black or a white?' i cant stand it but to think, why must everything in this world have to be related to what race you are? what does race got to do with everything?

hey what difference does it make to us, IF, Jesus is black? what? so all whites are going to lose faith in Christianity? (but then they might come to Islam, because we do not question whether Muhammad(peace be upon him) is white nor black, nor even if he speaks english!)

why why why does Jesus have to specifically be black or white? why not brown? or yellow? mind if i tell those debaters that those two colours are not the only colours that exist in this wide world?

 i'm yellow, and i have brown friends, light browns, orange a bit, black friends and white friends. see? a lot more colours!

what makes them think that Jesus is only either of those two colours? he might be light brown, or whatever you classify an Arab. i'm yellow and i'm offended that yellow is not on the list! (ok not really)

so i stopped watching the debate, because obviously, i am not fond of wasting my time  on some rascist controversy revolving around a religion.

you do not practice a certain religion based on what race you are, you believe in it just because you have faith in it. aint it?

and that is why Islam is beautiful. oh MashaAllah.

i'm a yellow Malay and Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) is an Arab (dare i say, light brown?).
our colors are mixed because we believe in the same God, Allah subhanahwataala.

but if certain parts in 'the modern & adjusted' Christianity believes that it seriously matters so much if you're black or white, then, O Mighty Allah, i'm super glad i'm a Muslim! Alhamdulillah.

and Allah made us all in different looks and colors so that we can recognize each other, not to hate, nor segregate.

and The Almighty Lord knows best.

Friday, December 18, 2009

short movie : NEW BOY

it was a private conversation!
i wonder what happened to the father..i  think they killed him.
and seth is gorgeus..

Sunday, December 6, 2009

this is me most of the time

no i'm lying. ALL the time!

an old post

I hate it when I stayed up all night so that;

  • ·      I can pray witr before Fajr
  • ·      I can read the Qur’an while waiting for Fajr
  • ·      I can pray Fajr early
  • ·      I won’t overslept and miss Fajr
  • ·      I can wake my twin and roommate up so they too can pray Fajr early

but I was so busy checking out stuffs in my Macbook, only to hear the adhan aka the call for prayer, and only to realize that;

  • ·      I haven’t pray the witr yet
  • ·      I haven’t read the Qu’ran yet
  • ·      I spent all night wasting my time on my precious Macbook

So I went to the toilet (angry with myself because I didn’t do the witr nor read the Qur’an), make my wudhu’, wake roommate up, pray qabliah, wake roommate up again, called Hannah aka twin, wake roommate up again, stood still and do nothing, wake roommate up again, waited for her to make her wudhu’, prayed with her, made dua with her, read the Qur’an to make up that I didn’t read it before Fajr, and now at 6:45 am, I’m here typing out everything I have in mind, shivering because the AC is blowing straight at me, when supposedly, I should be studying obviously because I have 3 tests waiting for me to screw ‘em all up.

Ok so the main point here is, the best thing to do in the morning are reading the Qur’an and pray Fajr on time, in jamaah. Nothing makes you feel like you just had the most ‘healthiest’ morning activity ever except than these. I don’t know why I typed ‘healthiest’. A day started with reading the Qur’an is so much better than a day started without it. Try it, and fell the difference. (if it doesn’t make any difference, I suggest you go check your tajweed. Hehe)

all cleared up..

So what do you do when your friend ‘confronted’ you and asked something awkward like….’I heard that u told someone something not so good bout me, did u?’ ??

I have two answers in mind.

If I don’t want to complicate stuff; I’ll just lie and tell her that the other friend wasn’t telling her the actual truth, she got it wrong, bla bla bla…white lies!

If I want to be a good she-muslim; I’ll just blurt out the truth. After all, it’s not that I was bitching (yep I just said that) about her or anything like that, it’s just that sometimes you need to tell someone when you’re upset over someone or stuffs like that.
(Though that someone is not supposed to know about you telling another friend that you’re upset with her (ok it is confusing!), things always happen for a reason, just wait because something good will eventually come out of it. Because ALLAH always knows what’s best for all of us aite?)

And yep I became a good she-muslim, only in my mind tho, haven’t had the chance to explain..oh, i hate explaining screwed up stuffs!

Q: Why do stuffs tangle up?
A: Because they make life more interesting!
Uggghhh true.

Am in an awkward atmosphere right now.

(I explained everything. MashaAllah I’m feelin goooood!)

Friday, December 4, 2009

No i dont hate guys

I just hate the perverted ones. The ones who talks about what I think are supposedly censored stuffs. Stuffs your parents would kill you if you talk about it. Stuffs that they cut out before airing it on HBO. I hate it when guys talk about it so openly/publicly like its football. It aint football!

And yes, I do appreciate it when you respect me as a hijabi, and do not talk about ‘it’ in front of me. But when you said it loud enough that I can hear it thru my quite-thick inside-scarf, doesn’t it make no difference at all? If I’m not looking, that doesn’t mean I’m not listening. And yes I have no idea what dirty stuff you were talking about (I am quite innocent if you haven’t notice), but from the look (sound?) of it, I know it sure is really dirrrtyy.

Its not even funny. You saw those girls laughing? They were just trying to fit in.

You know what, everytime you talk dirrrty, I was trying my best not to roll my eyes in disgust without anyone looking and give out my best angelic look, trying to look like I don’t give a damn whatever rubbish you were talking about or pretending I heard absolutely nothing. Each time you talk about it,  I kept saying astaghfirullahalazim, and ‘screw you!!!’ at the same time. I don’t really mean it (no I’m lying), but it just made me feel better.

I hope Allah shows you the right path. I hope you’ll hate dirrrty talks as much as I hate them. I hope you will act like a muslim.

I hate dirty talks.
I hate guys who talk dirty talks.
I hate guys who talk dirty talks all the time.
I hate guys who talk dirty talks in front of me.
I hate guys who talk dirty talks even behind me.
I hate girls who talk dirty talks with guys.
I hate guys who corrupt good guys.

There’s this guy who was forced to watch porn just because his housemates couldn’t stand looking at him being so pious. He ran out of the room, made his wudhu’, and prayed the solatul tawbah (prayer of repentance, I don’t know what you call it). I wanna marry him.

Screw bad guys.
May Allah bless you.
Oh…and me too.

why why why

there was no start.
why did you end it up?