Sunday, August 1, 2010

ramadhan is the very best, innit?

Assalamualaikum :)

I’ve been falling in love over and over and over again, and the feeling is growing stronger as we breathe! I’m feeling so good SubhanAllah! Who’s the luckiest guy on earth you ask? Its my dearest Holy Quran! The words/kalam of Allah. I figured out this maybe one of the symptoms of pre-Ramadhan. Like yesterday morning I kissed my Quran out of randomness. I was busy with some stuff so that morning I didn’t get to read it, then the lovely part of me came out and made me kiss the Quran :D

Like how Native Deen said it,

Dont ever frown, or your head looking down,
If you read the Qur'an you're the best in the town.

I thank Allah, the Most Loving,  for putting this love inside my heart. Oh how I wish I felt this long ago..It soothes me every time I read it. It crossed my mind ; SubhanaAllah, these are the exact same words that the Prophet (peace be upon him) tought, the exact same words that the Sahabas used to read, and now I’m reading it again, thousand years later. The imagination was waaay beyond my limit that I just sat and kept on pondering about it.

Oh Allah, please grant me more and more love so that I can ALWAYS love you as much as the other mukminins love you..I love you oh Allah, but sometimes I forgot. Sometimes I say I do, but deep in my heart I don’t really mean it. Audhubiilah..Astagfirullahalazim. Sometimes I seek for love from other slaves, thus forgetting You. If you make me love another slave even in the most halal way, please make it so that my love for him will never be even a dot more than that my love for my Lord.

Sorry but yes I can be a bit emotional at times. Okay I’m cool now.

So I wanna share with you my current caller tone that I’ve been using for the past few weeks. Its beneficial and catchy at the same time.

You may want to go to the Youtube page so that you can read the lyrics too, its in the description. Click Here, Life had just been made  easier for you Alhamdulillah.

My mom heard this when I used it as my alarm clock (but never wake up to it) and she's like "Whats that song that I always hear in the morning? Its soo nice!"

I can’t wait for Ramadhan, hope my love for the Quran will remain as much and stronger insyaAllah. Then I can’t wait for Eid to come so that I can FLY to Egypt!

Ana auza rouh ila Masr! I want to go to Egypt! ß My Arabic is crappy, thus the translation.

And I had a funny conversation with a dear friend. Caution : I may or may not exagerrated the conversation, but its somethin like dat.

Me : OMG I can’t wait for Ramadhan!!!  (then I shrieked a bit)

Not me : And why is that?

Me : Whaddaya mean why is that? Its Ramadhan yo! ß (LOL no I didn’t say Yo) Everyone’s excited for Ramadhan! E-ve-ry-one! Its like the super duper Holiest month!

Not me : Err, not me I guess?

LMAOOO I was soo confused that she’s not psyched for Ramadhan.

(I’ve been watching lots and super lots of lectures, will post dem soon insyaAllah) 


BubbliMuslima said...

love the nasheed, and i can't wait for Ramadan either man i need to get back on track and i think Ramadan is gonna be perfect for that inshAllah.

Constructive Attitude said...

What a great feeling. May Allah (SWT) keep you this happy, always.

here and there said...

ehhe aww you made me smile today.
I hope that you're always feeling good like this. if not, maybe even with more iman in your heart. :)

qistina said...

bubbli - yeap im really glad that ramadhan is on its way. the spirit of ramadhan is just great, everyone insyAllah will do goods and only goods

C.A - ameen. and you too biiznillah.

HerenThere - aww hope you can see my big grin :D
thank you. ameen. u too of course!