Friday, February 19, 2010

long way to Valley of Depression

I am going back to my college, which I’m not really fond of. Simply, I quite hate my college. One look of it, and I’ll be depressed. Hello depression, I’m coming to you. Please give me a warm hug.

Papa came up with a new saying ‘if there’s a wheel, there’s a way’

Ah crap, that plane got wheels, and wings. So there’s a way of going back to Sad College.

if there’s a wing, there’s a way?

(i am lovely) make dua, its noble

I was informed that my friend just had a surgery. And it sounded like all went well. But I think a few duas from you people will make that friend happy. The angels may be happy too. Allah will be happy too. Friends making duas for another friend. Isn’t that just lovely? Ohhhhhh~

O Allah, Grant that friend a save recovery. And to be able to walk fast, and run like a wind.

Now let me hear your ‘ameens’!

My teacher told me, making duas for friends is such a noble thing to do. And it is more noble if the friend doesn’t know. So its like a Secret Dua. Haha. He said, Allah loves it, and the possibility of the dua being ‘granted’ is high. He forgot to tell me whats the percentage.

Whateverso, all happens if Allah wills it.

Now, make duas for your friends. (I am your friend)

hey salam!

I have a friend who sends me ‘how are you’ texts once in a blue moon. But because we’re Muslims (and proud of it), the text will always be ‘salam, how you?’. Each and every time I get the text, I’ll laugh to myself, because the last time I checked my ID, my name is still Nik Qistina, and I’m still a girl. Maybe he got the wrong Salam. I’m not Salam, I’m Qistina. Qis-teeeeee-naaaaa. So I guess my name changed just like that because that friend decided to use , after the ‘salam’ instead of .. ok I’m making a small thing big. I just realized.

‘salam. How you?’

now that makes sense.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

heineken, no-one?

I opened the fridge, and saw an unfamiliar grocery bag. 

Ohh, I have 2 beer cans in my fridge.

This is interesting.

I have no idea if I’m allowed to have a beer in my fridge.

Till I came across an article in a magazine, stated, we Muslims can’t serve others beer. For example, working in a bar, or a beer factory.

So I guess, me cooling the beer for my friends is wrong too.

I love how coincidence happens. Like how I accidentally came across the article.

Thank you, God.

‘’ Hey I just remembered that I cant have any beers in the fridge. Its like I’m serving you the drink, so it’s considered wrong. Sorry, I’ve put it out already L ‘’

Monday, February 8, 2010

i love muslims and i like non-muslims

What do I love most about non-Muslims?
When they have bigger respect to Muslims more than Muslims have to themselves.

My non-muslim friend accidentally touched my Quran, and she went like..

‘Oh my God, I’m so so sorry! I just touched the Quran! I didn’t mean to! Oh my God!’.

So I guess, exaggerating is better than never. Get what I mean?

Cos there goes my Muslim friend, who accidentally touched the Quran without the wudhu’ and went

Or another time when I was praying, then a friend came in. She sat down and did her own stuff. I can’t hear any noise, like I was alone in the room. Then our fellow Muslim friend came in and broke the silence with a long ‘heyyyyy!’, while I was there, my forehead touching the ground, trying to communicate with the Lord Creator. Funny then cos she got a reply from the timid friend, ‘ssssshhhhh! She’s praying! Don’t talk.’ Shame on us as the reply was from a non-Muslim. CAN YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE?

And I do not think it’s fun trying to read my du’a when there are loud conversations running behind me.

Worse when they came from the same religion as I do. Showing just how less they care.

I do understand when sometimes non-muslims do things that are quite rude when we pray or whatever we do, but, just forget it. It is just that they have no idea what on earth are we doing! This is when explanations plays a great role. Use all the saliva you have, storm out all the titbits and infos you have left somewhere in the brain.

(I love explanations. They make you go all out. They make you try hard to make people understand what is the meaning of ibadah, or what are the differences between fasting in Ramadhan and fasting on Mondays and Thursdays.)

How can we expect some respect from others when we ourselves do not give the respect that others need?
To earn respect, you give respect.
Give and take.

When you yourself do not respect your own religion, don’t get all flamed up when others show little respect to it. Its shameful, and strictly unnecessary.

Off topic.

I am just typing whatever running in my little brain.

There were times when Navin woke me up for Asar because I overslept. And she even knows the name of all the prayers and their times.

If class finishes at 2, sometimes she jokingly went ‘Nina, run run. You’re late for Zuhr. It’s a sin, you know?’

Its sad when we see Muslims around us who does not care less about Islam. I’m not asking for a full attention or anything, but at least show some love for the religion.

A dude who thought that saying ‘I have my period all year long, and that’s why I never pray’ to a non-Muslim is a joke, needs a serious self-reflecting therapy or some kind of brainwashing. Or maybe he needs real thick red blood spurting out of his own anus all year long, non-stop.

From the way I see it, in every single chance we get to show others how beautiful this deen is, then we shall use it as wisely as possible. Chances do not come everyday like the sun, they only come once in a while.

Maybe we do not get any money by converting someone to Islam, but of course, what a big deed it will be for the sake of our own selves and the Deen.

Now this post is not about encouraging you to try to convert every single non-muslims out there, but just a post reminding you, and even beg some of you to just behave, and show others what Islam is really about.

Ok. Laters.