Thursday, October 15, 2009


i finished a bowl of pickles after iftar today. oh god, save my tummy!

i just found out a few weeks ago, that our feet is part of the awrah too.

'which one is better, this nike sneakers or my new white gladiator sandal?' i asked.
'sneakers of course,' she said
'because your feet is part of your awrah, cover it up,'

imagine the humiliation, because i've been the one to help her whenever she have problems being a muslim.
good thing is, it gave me a reason to beg my mom to buy new sneakers and lots of socks! i told my friend that my feet is having a fever when he asked me why am i wearing my sandal with socks. then the reply was, 'oh, get well soon!'

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

if you're a guy,

don't ask a girl,
'how many days u didn't fast during Ramadhan?'
cos we don't need u to tell us,
'wow! that's a lot!'

why did i stop blogging?

i was too busy reading other blogs, and too busy watching russel peters.
anyway, who even care?