Wednesday, September 2, 2009


It’s so weird. Now I’m in the mood of listening to Boyz II Men, Babyface and KC & Jojo. This is so depressing. Erkkk.I know it's Ramadhan, but a little bit of entertainment won't hurt the faith, InsyaAllah.

This is a shout out to anyone who kept criticizing me because I listen to Boyz II Men :
Boyz II Men is not just any ordinary boy band; it’s a band with beautiful voices and musical geniuses. This band, in my opinion, deserves a better position and media coverage than the Jonas Brothers, who survived in the music industry merely because of their gay-ish physical attraction and awesome music producers. To wrap it up, Boyz II Men is beyond the valley of awesomeness.

I can’t write about Boyz II Men without writing about the ultimate boy band/rock band/super rock star /Patrick Stump’s band. It will be a total insult to my forever-in-my-heart band.

Fall Out Boy: From my slightly blurry point of view, FOB deserves awards for the music that Patrick Stump composed. The music is just awesome, it’s undeniable. Yes the videos are interesting, but shouldn’t they be appreciated for the music they’re making? But still there’s nothing wrong with winning awards after awards for their music videos. Kudos to Alan Ferguson, if i'm not mistaken is the director. Whilst Pete Wentz should write some more beautiful and non-understandable lyrics. No matter how much I hate Petey, I still can’t deny his lyrics are genius. The meanings are so deep that you have to keep reading it till you get the light. Unique is the word.

Pssst: Jut found out (officially) that Patrick has a girlfriend. Good for him. God bless you, Patrick. FYI, he’s an atheist. Hoping that he’ll get the light. Ameen.

And I just found a hidden treasure from Youtube; a band called Ahmir. I think they can absolutely pass for Boyz II Men Jr. Check out the cover they did of Miley Cyrus' The Climb. BEAUTIFUL.

Keep the Faith.


Anonymous said...

u shall listen to Soldiers of Allah and Native Deen,They make some cool islamic music.U might like it :)

hessa said...
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Exposure said...

Salam Aleikum sister are you a "Submitter" or are you a Muslim who follows Koran and Sunnah? I am asking this because of your source for the ruling on music that you have posted.

If you are a Muslim who follow Koran and Sunnah I encourage you to seek out and study in detail all of the different opinions about music from reliable sources.

I asked if you are a submitter because the article on music you posted is from a group of a sect of Islam who call themselves "Submitters". They only follow Koran but their own version of the Koran (A translation by Rashad Khalifa, their leader, who deleted two verses claiming them to be fabricated) and they reject the Sunnah--which are the Hadiths.

If you are indeed a "Submitter" and reject the Sunnah I encourage you to read:

I am guessing though, that you did not realize the source of the article you posted or know about these Submitters.

It would be a long reply here so I encourage you to do a google search on this group and on Rashad Khalifa, the leader and the one who claimed to be the next messenger of Allah.

I really encourage you to go to more reliable sources in order to get the answers to your questions about Islam.

Salam Aleikum

hessa said...

thank u so much for reminding. it's d 1st tym i heard of the Submitters.i'll go n read bout it. ive edited the post. again, thanks a lot.