Wednesday, September 2, 2009

a long (really long) post!

With a hijab comes a big responsibility and high expectations from the people around you a.k.a the Public. And with a certain type of Hijab, comes a certain type of responsibility.

I don’t know about you, but those short-sleeved hijabis in my country aren’t so well-respected by the opposite sex, as well as my own sex too. It’s a matter of whether you want to cover it all or not to cover. There is no rule such as ‘partially covering’, which in this case, refers to those short-sleeved (SS) hijabis. Oh, and these SS hijabis can be grouped under the same categories as those hijabis with super-tight/body-grippin shirts/blouses/dresses.Oh, have u seen them in super-tight abaya? I don't even know that an abaya can show all sexy curves on the body. And I thought that abaya is the most non-body-revealing outfit. Guess i'm wrong then.
These hijabis do not get high expectations from the Public. The Public won’t expect them to pray 5 times a day, nor to follow all the teachings in Islam. Trust me, because I’m the Public too, we all are. I’ve heard people calling these hijabis with lots of names that you do not even wanna know. So with little expectation comes only a litlle respect. Sorry girlfriends, but to gain the respect, you just have to lose the outfit. Get a new wardrobe yaa?

The second type of hijabi is the real hijabi, which means those who wear hijabi the right way, the way said in the Quranul Kareem, the way that Allah approves it. By covering the chest and not revealing the curves of the body.The perfect way to avoid unwanted stares from the XY species. We all know how scary the stares from this species can be right? It’s like they are raping you just by staring, pardon the metaphore, my dear friend Hado came up with this.

So for these Sisters, the full hijab comes with great responsibility and expectations. We as the Public, of course, will expect these Hijabis to be dutiful, faithful, or whateverful. They are also expected to have noble characteristics. These Hijabis are an example of the right dressing code in Islam, which in other words, they represent true Islam itself. So here comes the big responsibility for these Hijabis. So, they have to talk in a good way, do this in a good way, do that in a good way, and do everything else the right way. How these Sisters act shows the world how Islam is, or what Islam is. As the saying goes, you are what you act (taken from ‘you are what you eat’, recipe book. hihihi). Kudos to the Sisters that have shown the world the perfect way of living in Islam. Oh yes, and with big responsibilities comes big rewards. Likely rewards from the Most Giving. Jannah waiting in the Hereafter, insyaAllah.

I do not know if this can be a category too; the Hijabis without souls (they wear it the right way,like the real hijabis, but has no faith in Islam). What I mean is the Hijabis that wore Hijab just because it’s a part of the tradition, or just to be mysterious, so that they can play hard-to-get. Or just to simply earn respects. I am not here to write my negative thoughts about these Hijabis, if that is what you are thinking right now. But if we really think about it, and observe, these type of Hijabis are growing up their own community at the speed of light somewhere in any part of the world now as we speak(read?). So, are you wondering what wrong does these Hijabis do that I am slightly disapproving them?

Well, not all, just a few of them. The few that do not meet the requirements of how a real Muslimah should be. For example, Diyanah, who looked like an angel during the day, but a total smokin-hot-sexy-chick during the night, likely at parties wearing a dress that her little sister can fit in too. Oh and not to forget, it’s partially see-through. Forget about the SS hijabis, because these hijabis like Diyanah, physically represent the true Sisters in Islam. I say physically because in general, when you’re fully covered, you will be known as a dutiful,faithful Muslimah, and thus representing Islam. The Public won’t have the time to judge you based on your level of faith. In Diyanah’s scenario, even we Muslims must have bad impressions on her. Then think about those non-Muslims, what will they think of Islam when they meet Diyanah?

‘Muslims are hypocrites’

Even this will be my first impression on her too. How can u ‘physically’ be a Muslimah only during the day and a total non-practicing Muslimah at night? Make up your mind, Sister! Go gain your faith. You are giving negative impressions on Islam, enough of the negative impressions we had on the concept of Jihad, the concept of treating women, treating ones wife, and more coming into the list by the second I write this.

Fourth : the Hijabless. Not much to comment.Yes they are hijabless, but that doesn’t mean they are faithless. In every little heart there is faith, be it strong or weak. Hope that the faith will grow stronger. insyaAllah. Ameen.

Sorry if this post hurts any little hearts out there. (Wondering if I even have a reader for this post) These are  just some thoughts wandering in my little brain. I do not intend to point out bad points of any Hijabis.

Salaam. Have a blessed Ramadhan.


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