Thursday, September 3, 2009

oh love!

I wish
  • I can dress like this all the time
  • I live in somewhere where they wear this all the time
  • I belong to a community that dress like this all the time
ok not all the time, but maybe most of it. and not just plain black abaya, but pretty abayas,but still modest, for modest is beautiful.
if you are wondering, here in my country, abayas are usually worn occasionally.
if it's not obvious enough,
i don't know why.


Constructive Attitude said...

Where do you live, that you feel like you cant do this?

Anonymous said...

I bet she's living in msia.It's not that u cant wear this all the time.It's the fact that sumtimes people might think u are just gaining d attention as abaya is not a daily apparel. But yes, wearing abayas do make people look at you and yes, it feels weird as well,right? just an opinion.

hessa said...

malaysia. it's not that i can't, it's just not-so normal. it's normal in islamic school, but i dont study there

Hijab Chic said...

As salam alaykum Sister,
I live in Finland and sometimes it feels like I'm the only one wearing abaya here!
I'm not gonna give up my wearing abaya, I love my abaya and I think it's a great way to cover a woman's body and it looks beautiful, too.

Have you tried wearing colorful abayas like navy blue, khaki green or beige? Maybe those could work in your country, inshaAllah :)

a said...

nina kt mesir ramai gileorg dress up like that
u shud come here :))

hessa said...

aku memang nak gile g mesir, tapi bukan sebab nak pakai jubah je ok. ikhlas tau.hehe. aku akan sampai mesir tak lame lagi, insyaAllah. tunggu aku yup

hessa said...

hijab chic : i tried looking for colourful abayas like u said, but most of them wont fit me, cuz i'm quite small ya. i would love to have one in khaki.
and yup, i think abaya is one of the best outfit cuz u wont have to worry whether u look modest or not. best way to cover a woman's body

tikapad said...

seriously?u're coming to egypt
i'm looking forward to see u soon:)
ko g uni mne do?