Sunday, December 6, 2009

an old post

I hate it when I stayed up all night so that;

  • ·      I can pray witr before Fajr
  • ·      I can read the Qur’an while waiting for Fajr
  • ·      I can pray Fajr early
  • ·      I won’t overslept and miss Fajr
  • ·      I can wake my twin and roommate up so they too can pray Fajr early

but I was so busy checking out stuffs in my Macbook, only to hear the adhan aka the call for prayer, and only to realize that;

  • ·      I haven’t pray the witr yet
  • ·      I haven’t read the Qu’ran yet
  • ·      I spent all night wasting my time on my precious Macbook

So I went to the toilet (angry with myself because I didn’t do the witr nor read the Qur’an), make my wudhu’, wake roommate up, pray qabliah, wake roommate up again, called Hannah aka twin, wake roommate up again, stood still and do nothing, wake roommate up again, waited for her to make her wudhu’, prayed with her, made dua with her, read the Qur’an to make up that I didn’t read it before Fajr, and now at 6:45 am, I’m here typing out everything I have in mind, shivering because the AC is blowing straight at me, when supposedly, I should be studying obviously because I have 3 tests waiting for me to screw ‘em all up.

Ok so the main point here is, the best thing to do in the morning are reading the Qur’an and pray Fajr on time, in jamaah. Nothing makes you feel like you just had the most ‘healthiest’ morning activity ever except than these. I don’t know why I typed ‘healthiest’. A day started with reading the Qur’an is so much better than a day started without it. Try it, and fell the difference. (if it doesn’t make any difference, I suggest you go check your tajweed. Hehe)

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