Thursday, December 24, 2009

he might be yellow, but who cares?

few days ago i watched a debate by fellow Christians on 'was Jesus aka prophet Isa (peace be on him) a black or a white?' i cant stand it but to think, why must everything in this world have to be related to what race you are? what does race got to do with everything?

hey what difference does it make to us, IF, Jesus is black? what? so all whites are going to lose faith in Christianity? (but then they might come to Islam, because we do not question whether Muhammad(peace be upon him) is white nor black, nor even if he speaks english!)

why why why does Jesus have to specifically be black or white? why not brown? or yellow? mind if i tell those debaters that those two colours are not the only colours that exist in this wide world?

 i'm yellow, and i have brown friends, light browns, orange a bit, black friends and white friends. see? a lot more colours!

what makes them think that Jesus is only either of those two colours? he might be light brown, or whatever you classify an Arab. i'm yellow and i'm offended that yellow is not on the list! (ok not really)

so i stopped watching the debate, because obviously, i am not fond of wasting my time  on some rascist controversy revolving around a religion.

you do not practice a certain religion based on what race you are, you believe in it just because you have faith in it. aint it?

and that is why Islam is beautiful. oh MashaAllah.

i'm a yellow Malay and Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) is an Arab (dare i say, light brown?).
our colors are mixed because we believe in the same God, Allah subhanahwataala.

but if certain parts in 'the modern & adjusted' Christianity believes that it seriously matters so much if you're black or white, then, O Mighty Allah, i'm super glad i'm a Muslim! Alhamdulillah.

and Allah made us all in different looks and colors so that we can recognize each other, not to hate, nor segregate.

and The Almighty Lord knows best.


Amira said...

I totally agree with you. Its sad that people still think in black and white.

nina said...

i agree with myself too. hahaha.
i thought the world has become a better place, with all the technologies and stuff, it showed that the humans are now all advanced, but then there's such close-minded people that have to ruin this civilisation, that i now realized that some humans actually havent achieve it yet..

so the brains are really advanced, but i guess not the mind aite?

Amira said...

Agreed. I think no matter how much we advance technologically there will always be some close minded people and haters not just in regards to race but religions, social status and so on.