Friday, December 4, 2009

No i dont hate guys

I just hate the perverted ones. The ones who talks about what I think are supposedly censored stuffs. Stuffs your parents would kill you if you talk about it. Stuffs that they cut out before airing it on HBO. I hate it when guys talk about it so openly/publicly like its football. It aint football!

And yes, I do appreciate it when you respect me as a hijabi, and do not talk about ‘it’ in front of me. But when you said it loud enough that I can hear it thru my quite-thick inside-scarf, doesn’t it make no difference at all? If I’m not looking, that doesn’t mean I’m not listening. And yes I have no idea what dirty stuff you were talking about (I am quite innocent if you haven’t notice), but from the look (sound?) of it, I know it sure is really dirrrtyy.

Its not even funny. You saw those girls laughing? They were just trying to fit in.

You know what, everytime you talk dirrrty, I was trying my best not to roll my eyes in disgust without anyone looking and give out my best angelic look, trying to look like I don’t give a damn whatever rubbish you were talking about or pretending I heard absolutely nothing. Each time you talk about it,  I kept saying astaghfirullahalazim, and ‘screw you!!!’ at the same time. I don’t really mean it (no I’m lying), but it just made me feel better.

I hope Allah shows you the right path. I hope you’ll hate dirrrty talks as much as I hate them. I hope you will act like a muslim.

I hate dirty talks.
I hate guys who talk dirty talks.
I hate guys who talk dirty talks all the time.
I hate guys who talk dirty talks in front of me.
I hate guys who talk dirty talks even behind me.
I hate girls who talk dirty talks with guys.
I hate guys who corrupt good guys.

There’s this guy who was forced to watch porn just because his housemates couldn’t stand looking at him being so pious. He ran out of the room, made his wudhu’, and prayed the solatul tawbah (prayer of repentance, I don’t know what you call it). I wanna marry him.

Screw bad guys.
May Allah bless you.
Oh…and me too.


Amira said...

Ameen. Mashallah good post

nina said...

thanks. just got sick of these guys and i hope they read it :)