Sunday, December 6, 2009

all cleared up..

So what do you do when your friend ‘confronted’ you and asked something awkward like….’I heard that u told someone something not so good bout me, did u?’ ??

I have two answers in mind.

If I don’t want to complicate stuff; I’ll just lie and tell her that the other friend wasn’t telling her the actual truth, she got it wrong, bla bla bla…white lies!

If I want to be a good she-muslim; I’ll just blurt out the truth. After all, it’s not that I was bitching (yep I just said that) about her or anything like that, it’s just that sometimes you need to tell someone when you’re upset over someone or stuffs like that.
(Though that someone is not supposed to know about you telling another friend that you’re upset with her (ok it is confusing!), things always happen for a reason, just wait because something good will eventually come out of it. Because ALLAH always knows what’s best for all of us aite?)

And yep I became a good she-muslim, only in my mind tho, haven’t had the chance to explain..oh, i hate explaining screwed up stuffs!

Q: Why do stuffs tangle up?
A: Because they make life more interesting!
Uggghhh true.

Am in an awkward atmosphere right now.

(I explained everything. MashaAllah I’m feelin goooood!)

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