Friday, August 27, 2010

for the name's sake

So I was reading the Quran after Asr, not because I have nothing else to do, but because it’s a nice thing to do :)

I was reading the 49th surah, al-Hujurat. Before I read a certain page in the quran, I will read the translation of the whole page first, then only I will read the Arabic verse. Because? Because it takes a loooot of time to read the meaning of verse 1, then recite it in Arabic, then read the meaning of verse 2, then recite it in Arabic. It’s a tiring process. So I read the translation of for example, a whole page 516, then only will I recite the whole page in Arabic.

I came to a conclusion that the paragraph above is unnecessary. Eh, sorry.

So I was reciting the 9th verse, and came across the word yuhibbu which means love. So I was kinda curious, oh, who is it that Allah loves?  Yes I read the meaning of the whole page, but obviously I forgot who was/were referred to in this particular verse? So I checked and it says, For Allah loves those who are fair (and just). Go back to the Arabic, which reads, InnAllaha yuhibbul muqsiteen. Now, I am crappy at Arabic but as far as I know, muqsiteen is derived from the root word qistina.

SubhanAllah, my name is in the Quran. 

(Go check it out, Al-Hujurat surah 49, verse 9)


jnana said...

Lol! That must have been a happy realisation :)

qistina said...

ahh cant stop smiling..oh gotta tell mom and dad :D

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

Ohh how cuute :), i cant stop smiling whenever i hear my name in the Quran too :) haha its a lovely feeling
salaamz nd Ramadan Kareem
naz @

qistina said...

yea, we can feel a sense of appreciation from the One above aight.
ramadan kareem to u too, sad ramadan's already halfway thru

BubbliMuslima said...

ya we're def lucky to have our names in the quran, lucky for me my name is every verse in the quran: aya :D

Little Auntie said...

awwww, <3 May you be from those He loves!! And all of us. Ameen!

Love and Sugar said...

so Allah loves you? :) hehe mashaAllah.

qistina said...

bubbli - okay u win. hehe

little auntie - ameen!

lovensugar - well said..and u too alhamdulillah!

Safyiah said...

salamo aleikom wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

mashaAllah =)

qistina said...

hihihi alhamdulillah =D

Falling Up said...

oh, cool! I need motivation/help getting started reading translation. any tips?? or any sites that are easy to follow and understand?

qistina said...

i usually read straight from the tafseer and i dont do it online. but there's also a site i akways go to for english translation, i found it quite useful Alhamdulillah
and there's also amazing tafseer lectures on utube, there's one from yasir qadhi and its awesum! go search!

i have 2 ways of reading the translation. A, i read the translation only without reciting it in arabic, just like reading an english story book, but i couldnt keep up, i was stuck on a certain surah that explains more about the law and i thot twas a bit boring astaghfirullah, and havent continue till now. B, i read the translation like i stated in the post, and then recite it in arabic too. i find this quite fun, bcos at the same time u can learn arabic too! isnt that nice? :)

the best way to do it is, read a small portion EVERYDAY so that u can keep up with it, maybe like 1or2 page per day plus, Allah loves the little deeds that are continous! if u start big like me, it'll be more like a burden to keep up with it.

(but ramadhan's a whole different thing so of course we need to read more than a couple pages per day if we have time aight)

GOOD LUCK! and hope this helps insyaAllah :)

muslimahndproud said...

oh wow mashaALLAH ta'ala, thats cool! btw if your wondering who i found your blog and loved am following can visit mines at

kak yong yang menawan said...

name kak yong ade surah dalam al-quran - Al-Fath .. hehehe (tak la bangga tp bangga err camne?)
so when i was down, the surah give me the strength to move forward ... :D

qistina said...


(dalam quran tu, tulis nama real or 'kak yong'? cos that wud be really confusing hehe)