Sunday, May 30, 2010

so whats your jihad?

So i was gonna send an e-mail to M93 and Amira (click to read a really inspiring blog!) to ask them stuffs about music. But just as i was gonna do that, M93 forwarded an e-mail to me, regarding music. What a beautiful coincidence! The e-mail went something like 'Do you listen to music, and want to stop?'. MasyaAllah i was speechless when I was reading it. Thanks M93 and of course thank you my Lord. Just when i was looking for signs and clues and reasons, He answered my prayers, my needs.

So now here I am in front of my laptop, deleting songs. It was pretty hard as I always feel really connected to the songs I listen to. Bye Babyface, BoyzIIMen, Lionel Richie, Earth Wind and Fire, K-Ci and Jojo, Patrick Stump..the last song I listened to was Last Night's Letter by K-Ci and Jojo if I'm not mistaken. Whatever it is, adios!

oh sad but yeahh

I had this thing going on in my head for quite some time already, but I kinda ignore it. But what inspired me the most was the fact that there are lots and lots of musicians out there that gave up music, though music was their passion, their lifestyle. While here I am just a listener, know nothing about music but still have a harder time to let it go. I feel so weak watching them in their jihad. Muslim Belal even starts rapping with no music, UK Apache or Abdul Wahab too stopped music, Masikah Feesabilillah too stopped music. So many people stopped so why not me? I'm a Muslim too..

I was watching a video of Masikah and SubhanaAllah i haven't been more inspired. As he said 'music is like fitna to me'. And an older man was telling him how he's putting Jannah at risk for doing music.

Some people believe that we can't change ourselves overnight. So some people might say you can start by listening to less music. But I believe that if there's a strong will, anything is possible if Allah wills it. Yes giving up music is really hard, but I'm doing it for my Lord, my deen, my faith. There's a reward for being patient and for the jihad of the nafs. So this is my jihad. Maybe some will cal me outdated and ask me to be more open minded..There are too many arguments and discussions about how music is haram and whatnot, and some believe thats its halal as long as you don't go astray, wallahua'lam, but i just wanna be on the safe side, I'm just a weak slave spending my last hours or maybe minutes on this earth so why not do my best?

The regret I may face on the day of Judgement will never be worth the fun..


Amira said...

Mashallah thats great! You know there is an alternative. I think for a lot of us in this culture and time music is everywhere so a complete cold turkey stop is difficult but when you know there is an halal alternative it makes it easier. Then you can eventually completely stop if u like and just listen to the most beautiful words. (Quran) I'm proud of you habibti mashallah! xx

muslimah93 said...

Mashallah that's awesomee dudeeee!! =D Did you hear the things i sent? They stopped listening to music too, you can see how against one of them are with music, and the other one, he doesn't even hear nasheeds, because he's like it lessens the emoticon when reading the Quran or something. It was definitely amazing hearing their storyy! They were such huge rap stars before. Subhanallah, Allah guides whom he wills! I think it was really inspiring hearing their story/lecture. Anywayss, im proud of you sister! And, don't quit! Even if it gets hard, and maybe even if you slip, don't quit. Keep trying, and praying to Allah, and inshallah one day you will succeed. If you ever happen to hear music, start doing zikr, or listening to Quran/lecture on an MP3 player or somethingg. Xo. =)

BubbliMuslima said...

yay, mashallah sis, i just posted bout this on my blog, about my jihad, music, and praying on time. M93 also sent me the same thing, i didnt get to watch them yet but inshallah i will asap, and u just inspired me a bit more to quit.

-- bubbli

Falling Up said...

i also stopped listening to music. I started slowly, though. First I gave away all my CDs and would only listen to the radio. Then Id only listen to it in the car, And then I'd stop completely. Alhamdulillah it wasn't as hard as I thought even though I used to be so addictive. These days the lyrics are so so filthy, I dont know how people can enjoy such songs without feeling guilty.

qistina said...

mashaAllah everyone's comments are so supportive, instead of questioning like why?? how?? why?? yea i'm gonna watch the vids that M93 sent..and just to let u people know, what inspired me too was the fact that lotsa blogs that i read, bloggers will write things like i dont listen to music so that kinda hit me hard what a shame of me!

amira - ive stopped completely now, just like a cold turkey and boy it was hard but alhamdulillah things are still ok.

m93 - yea i tried listening to quran more n more and its working!

bubbli - i guess stopping music has become like a trend now as more people realized that the world really IS coming to an end anytime soon. good luck on quitting! trust me u'll feel more peace at heart..

falling up - lotsa people today ARE filthy so its like theyre listening to themselves. lol.