Monday, May 10, 2010

hmmmm what shall i say?

Yesterday I made a sudden decision to deactivate my facebook account for no reason, simply doing it because Hannah did that too few weeks ago. But today I’m back again, maybe after just some friggin 18 hours, back to re-activate my facebook account. Because I missed the habit of continuously checking or refreshing the page to check for any single notification or message. I don’t know why but seeing the red highlight at my inbox makes me go ‘ooohhhh’. And then went ‘blehhh’ after receiving a forwarded email from random friends asking me to ‘click this link! To see me as a superhero!’. Some people just need to go and find a better life instead of downloading pictures of oneself and make that desperate self to look like a superhero. I mean, how more cliché can that be? But I guess if that’s the way it works, I need to get a life too,  cause I ended up clicking the link and anxiously waiting for an accurate 100secs for the ‘superhero’ to load. And I replied to that dear friend saying boring things like ‘OMG that looked sooo real!’. Maybe that’s the combination of being lifeless and pissed because I spent some time watching such stuff rather than eating ice-cream.

hi there add me if u think i'm cooler than you :)

But its sad that I never go ‘ooohhh’ seeing a forwarded email from Sheikh Abdurraheem Green on subjects like how we can help the Ummah or about deaths, Friday khutbas..etcetra. I didn’t knew that when I added that Sheikh on facebook, that he was gonna flood my inbox in such a way! Don’t get me wrong, I’m saying he’s flooding my inbox with good stuffs and naseehahs. But sometimes it gets really really loooong and I’ll just ‘save it for later’. I will insyaAllah really finish reading them next time, or next time, or next time.

And I also was missing that habit of continuously checking who’s online on facebook. Ok so you see, I’m the type of human who always appears offline in such public site. Because I do not want any unwanted ‘hellos’ from guys that have nothing important to talk about, and asking stuffs like ‘do you still know me?’ Of course I know you! Why did you think I approved the request? Because of your look? Because I think you’re cool? Maybe I’m just not rude enough to ignore a request from an ex-schoolmate from primary school. So the thing is, I don’t even know why I kept checking who’s online, seriously, every 5-10 minutes, and go back to ‘offline’ mode. Its like a facebook addiction. I don’t even like to chat there, its unbelievably small. Like a cheap chat box.

Oh. Few weeks ago I was watching The Gospel, an awesome Christian movie. Okay I don’t really know if its awesome or not, because I didn’t finish it, because halfway throughout the movie, it appears that Idris Elba was the bad guy! I TOTALLY can’t accept that and just stopped watching. I found that the Gospel songs are really catchy that some of it were playing in my head, all the harmonious voices. But of course I stopped listening, no worries peeps. What to day what to say? Ahhh…so I got this quote from the movie. MasyaAllah.

‘We should spend a little less time lookin good, and a little more time to actually BE GOOD’ The Gospel

Ain’t that just beautiful, inspiring and beautiful? It makes sooo much sense, and I actually watched that part few times cause I thought it’s just meaningful. And another thing, the quote was actually said by a Father, to Idris Elba, cause apparently, Idris was about to do something not so good on behalf of the church. And that’s when I stopped watching. And of course the earlier part of the quote stated ‘spend a little less time lookin good’ as such, because Idris does look really good mann! Astaghfirullahazim. Just to let you know, I’m not idolizing or whatever, but before I start drooling, I better stop typing.



Amira said...

haha qissi your posts r just awesome. I have FB too but I dont add a lot of people. I actually ignore requests from people I know as well hehe. Maybe it is rude but Id rather have only close friends who can write whatever they want then everyone I know and be worried about some of the stuff on my wall. Like one of my friends "proposed" to me on my wall and people might get weird about it. Dont worry its a girl and it was/is an inside joke kinda thing but some people read tooo much into things. Alhumdulilah I dont think I am addicted to FB I usually check it when I get a notification of a wall post or email or sumat. Maybe you could find sumat else to do, to distract you from FB? Lately I've been spending less time online and more time focusing on deen. Lets hope it lasts lol. Okay this is an uber long comment so i'll stop. TC hun.
ps. I have no idea who Idris Elba is.

Wafa' said...

you won't believe it but i guess i am the only person in the world with no facebook account !!

and still can not find the point of it, to me of course.

And are not all of us addicted in this virtual world :)

qistina said...

amira - im gonna start being more like you and ignore the requests, so that all these people can start blaming u. hehe. wow same here, i'm even in a relationship with a bestie, of course a girl. thanks for reminding, imma start to focus focus focus on the deen too :)
ps. dont check him out pls. all mine..teehee

wafa - ahhhh such an inspiration! nevermind stay there where u are, once u get a facebook account u will get an eyesore seeing people put 25 pics of themselves in different poses with tons of makeups and faces that says nothing more like 'i think im soo pretty and all the guys must be adding me and all the girls r jealous' <--well im jealous that u look like a drag queen, mustve been working hard on the makeups

BubbliMuslima said...

Wafa, nooo ur not the only one in the world without a facebook, i dont have 1 either i think i have enough things taking up my time already.

qistina said...

oooh im sooo jealous of y'all

Sana said...

ps - I love your blog!! I'll be back ;)

Sana said...

wow I just typed up something similar to this. well I did but there were so many thoughts on facebook in general I just stuck to self obsession and thought I'd save the rest for other posts.

Lately there's something on fb like deactivate your account on May 20th to protest the group everyone draw Muhammad day. idk but I think we should deactivate fb in general for not caring about it if its such a big deal for Muslims. So I'm debating deactivating for good. It's a waste of my time and because of fb I've become so so so lazy.

I need to focus on being a better human. I feel like a potato. seriously lol. And you're right: about us not oohing and getting excited when someone posts an Islamic link up. I mean I take forever to watch it but I'll watch a senseless one right away.

Amira said...
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BubbliMuslima said...

hey sis do u have an email i can contact u at?

qistina said... and

-FL- said...

DITTO! I like your blog A LOT!

qistina said...

alhamdulillah A LOT!

-FL- said...

Lol, sorry that comment didn't make much sense did it? Sorry. I just wanted to say that I've read through your posts and MashAllah I found them quite inspiring and interesting!