Monday, August 22, 2011

somalians are dying, but u dont have to stop eating.

Was shopping for Eid,
while fellow somalians are looking for something to eat,
which looks best? brown bag or the green dress?
while Hamza told wifey 'sorry hun, no food, tried my best'
'tell our son lets pray and hope for the best'
'maybe we can eat some leftovers, wasnt there bread?'
'if there was bread then Mulmillo wouldn't starve to death'

brothers and sisters,
i'm not saying switch of the AC, or give up the green dress,
cos some maybe really deserve the best,
but please donate and lend some help,
just a dollar or two, maybe a grand if you have a big pocket,
cos Asad is dying all he need is some bread, (and doctors of course)
but don't donate bread, donate money..

i fasted, and shared at least a piece of their emotion,
but not to the point that there's no food on the table,
or watch your son starving, no energy he can't even tremble,
or watch the husband feed all he has to his wife,
'let me starve and die, at least she can survive'
if we chip in some donations,
then maybe we can better their conditions,
only 7 dollars can save a child from malnutrition,
so if you have a soul, lets rock the donations!

muslims or non-muslims,
let's promote peace,
and provide ease for those in need,
i will not let you wonder what to do after reading this awesome piece,
here's what you can do to feed those in need :

for those in Malaysia, you can click here :
or if you can't click cos internet's slow, then maybe you should change to streamyx, or pay your bills..
no seriously, here's the account number where you can bank in the money..
CIMB 1259 0000 804 058
MBB 5621 4270 8704

for those outside Malaysia : (i love the accent so here's a UK link)

for those who doesn't know how to donate online,
like i was when i was like nine,
or just hate the online stuffs,
then you can gimme the money,
and let me send it online..
so if you come to my house,
or see me on the street wandering around,
say 'salam, please give this to somalia'
and ask me to go home,
really shouldn't be wandering around on the street like that.

this piece is not just about rhymes,
it's about spreading a message..WITH STYLE!

if you like this, please donate :)
if you hate this, please donate more, then donate , and donate, and donate,
and quit the hate..
but don't love too much,
nor eat too much rice.
that wasn't related.

sincerely, still WITH STYLE,

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