Sunday, June 20, 2010


I'm now in a car. Trying really hard to do dhikr instead of singing along to Akon. Mann his song is sooo addictive..oh Afrikaaaaa lol. It is hard to quit music when everyone around you are enjoying it. Oh no lemme get it right. It is hard to quit GOOD music..crappy musics are so easy to get rid of, they're like people that you can't stand but you can't do nothing about it because they keep coming around. You get me? And good music is like a bestfriend, who turned out to be a friggin backstabber, so you hate her now, but you still miss those wonderful moments. Ahh what a nice metaphore. Back to the topic. Yeah, its hard to quit good music when everyone around you are enjoying it.

May Allah make it easy for me, and for you too, in anything you do.

I'm not here to brag about me quitting music, about this small jihad. But i hope I at least can inspire others who haven't quit music to start leaving it behind. Yes it is hard, just pray to Allah that He will count everything we do to be closer to Him, to do whatever He say we have to. Be patient and trust Allah, trust that He will help those who ask for Him.

When My servants ask thee concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them): I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calleth on Me: Let them also, with a will, listen to My call, and believe in Me: that they may walk in the right way. Al-Baqarah (2:186)

I was told that perseverance and patience will always be rewarded by Allah. Alhamdulillah. I always forgot how Most Giving He is, or the fact that He is Most Merciful.

For all the sins I've done today, but not a single thing He took from me. Not a single hardship He put on me. Instead I am still here, enjoying more and more and more blessings from Him. What a weird way of repaying my sins! How can I not love Him? How can I not be thankful?

Imagine if He ain't merciful. If for every sin you do, one thing will be taken away? Maybe a finger cut, maybe a leg amputated right away. But no! He is the Most Merciful! So where is my Alhamdulillah? Are my deeds enough to repay whatever He gave me?

Oh was I talking about music, then about being thankful? Off-tracked. Off-tracked.

Maybe not really off-tracked. For all that He had and will give me, so why not I make a little bit of sacrifice to quit enjoying a dot of worldly entertainment in order to please Him?

Oh all these blessings...
Oh Allah, You are just Great! Thank You! Alhamdulillah!


BubbliMuslima said...

AlhamduLilah sis u are so right, Allah swt is theeee besttttt. the Most Merciful. i am slowly stopping to listen to music, bit by bit, and i listen to nasheeds with NO music instead or quran, if u want check out ahmed bukhatir's nasheeds, he has some in arabic and some in english and he doesnt use music, also the words are beautiful.

qistina said...

u stopping too? Alhamdulillah may Allah make it easy for u Bubbli. i'll check out ahmed bukhatir's english nasheeds because obviously my arabic is realllly crappy..ana mush ahsanti..or whaatever...thanks

jnana said...

Salam qistina.

It might be difficult, but just try to make your will one with God's. What I mean to say is, we go on about choosing God's desires over our own. That is jihad, but there is a simpler way of doing it by making anything that is God's will your own, so that anything that displeases Him displeases you as well. This is true submission.

Another way to think of it is that, assuming we all belong to God and will return to Him, then our bodies are simply an 'Amanah'- not our real possession, but they have been given by God to us in order to serve Him. So it makes no sense using His gifts to go against Him or against their purpose.

Hope I made sense there. May God guide all of us!

Falling Up said...

ie the instruments and lyrics used

Falling Up said...

I stopped listening to music like 6 or more years ago. man I was so addicted! Now I don't really care for it. I mean I will end up enjoying it if it's on and the lyrics aren't dirty when my sister puts it on in the car, but I try not to request songs and stuff. Even when I do i get ADD and don't notice it. lol. Music is supposed to be enjoyed, we jsut have to beat our nafs and not listen to the wrong stuff.

qistina said...

jnana - 'making anything that is God's will your own, so that anything that displeases Him displeases you as well. This is true submission'
thank you soo much! this really helped!

falling up - OMG 6 years! i'm soo jealous masyaAllah.

AH said...

When it comes to quitting, you can start with English non-music Nasheed,and then with time you might forget that at one time you were addicted

Your Little Auntie said...

Asalamu aliakum, sis,

Ma'shaAllah I just landed on your blog and wanted to say GREAT job. May Allah make it easier for you <3

qistina said...

waalaikummussalam..thanks a lot little auntie :D