Monday, April 5, 2010

it is just facebook for God's sake!

i saw a friend joining a fan page on facebook, on 'knowing who removed u from the friend list'

i was like... woman, seriously?? are you really that desperate? now in this particular 'case', YOU are the LOSER, not the one removing you. it is embarassing when someone removes you from facebook, its like when your teacher throws your exam paper towards you, with the 'in your fayyce!' expression. you know how it feels aite?

so why bother checking out? he removed your from his friend list. so what?? we move on woman, we dont look back, be sad or even put a fight out of it, but we go and get a life. or get a drink. get a coke. a vanilla coke. chew it.

al-Fussilat (41:34)

be good to others, even if they throw craps at you. yes, repel evil with whats better. we're muslims. thats what we do. we dont be a chicken and backbite others behind their backs, and neither do we go over the limit and put a fight! hatred will soon cool down, so why bother igniting the fire? 

so now I sleep


Amira said...

lol totally agree with you! Why would you go chasing someone who dumped you? and those fan pages are scams anyways lol

qistina said...

now i'm wondering, amira, are u ALWAYS online? i posted this a few seconds ago..hehehe. no offense as usual :)

yeah fan pages are a waste of time, but my fav is this '63 notifications later, and i regretted liking your status'

Amira said...

lol naaa you just have good timing!

heart/and/soul said...

people are funny creatures.

qistina said...

thank God we dont belong to THAT group of people yaa
yes we r funny, but not THAT funny..hehehehehe

Anonymous said...

that was funny!

Anonymous said...


qistina said...

such people r funny XD