Friday, February 19, 2010

hey salam!

I have a friend who sends me ‘how are you’ texts once in a blue moon. But because we’re Muslims (and proud of it), the text will always be ‘salam, how you?’. Each and every time I get the text, I’ll laugh to myself, because the last time I checked my ID, my name is still Nik Qistina, and I’m still a girl. Maybe he got the wrong Salam. I’m not Salam, I’m Qistina. Qis-teeeeee-naaaaa. So I guess my name changed just like that because that friend decided to use , after the ‘salam’ instead of .. ok I’m making a small thing big. I just realized.

‘salam. How you?’

now that makes sense.


heart/and/soul said...

LOL i just enjoy reading your blog! :)

your Sister in Islam. ;)

Amira said...

Haha maybe you should change your name?

qistina said...

heart/and/soul - thanks :)

amira - if salam is for a guy, maybe salamah? wahahaha

Amira said...

hm..salamah I like! haha