Friday, November 6, 2009

hi sweetie, can i steal your food?

You can’t just barge into someone’s room, who you barely knows, woke her up from sleep while she’s dreaming, and ask her if you can have ‘just a little’ of her cookies, which she just bought, obviously because it’s still in the grocery bag, and finished almost half of the really small packet, just because you’re too hungry and you think you’ll die if you don’t munch ‘just a little’ of her cookies, and don’t think you’re not rude and it’s ok to do so just because she didn’t say anything and just smiled at you each time you a grab a handful of her oh-so-yummy cookies, and by the way, you don’t have to tell her that those cookies are so yummy, I bet she can tell, because you just finished another packet of the same cookies a few minutes ago.

You don’t need a teacher to teach you about manners and ethics. Life teaches you that. You can’t say you haven’t live long enough, because you’re a freakin 18.

There are no limits in giving, but there sure are limits in being given!


.NurAzilaYahaya. said...

salam ukhuwah...bagus english adik ni.
silakan copy dik...boleh2 je ambil
akak pun copy dr kawan dengan niat untuk berdakwah...

nina said...

thanks..hope there's more to share :)

Firdaus Aziz said...

btul tu eng adik sedap
lancar laju licin
abg suka taw!